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How to ink Comic Books using Photoshop Brushes

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How to ink Comic Books using Photoshop Brushes is in demand these days.  Many artists are using more and more digital inking techniques in Comic Book publications. Digital Inking for Comic Books with VFX Workshops Photoshop Brushes is easy and effective.  A natural look with the photo realistic VFX Workshops brush Pack is really easy. These exclusive 35-piece Photoshop Brushes are designed by Alp Allen Altiner, with convincing and realistic results. Developed and tested over several months, this pencil brush pack is now available for purchase. Take your quick sketches, speed paintings or finished comps to the next level! CS5 and CS6 compatible.

Digital Inking Brushes from Alp Allen Giovanni Altiner on Vimeo.



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Sameer Shah 3D Matte Painting Tutorial

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The secrets of Matte Painting with Sameer Shah who has over a decade of experience in feature films, commercials, and video games as a matte painter, visual development artist, and 3D generalist. He specializes in 2D/3D Matte Paintings, FX, environments, modeling, lighting, as well as pipeline development and programming for various 3D packages. Some of his clients include Sony Pictures Imageworks, DreamWorks Animation, a slew of commercial houses, and other VFX companies related to feature film, animation and commercials. Sameer is an accomplished digital artist, designer, and computer technologist with a body of work encompassing films, feature animation, the game industry, print, and web design.

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